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Tree Fort Books is for readers. These are tales you buy to read on the train, in a park, or, well, in a tree fort.

Curled away in a corner today will be countless readers lost in a book of short stories. Adventures, silliness, and amazing tales bring us to new places. Join me as I tell a few whoppers.

Steal away to your favorite book nook, whether it is a tree fort, your library, or your couch, and smile a little more.

Slowly, the goldfish became a lively blue. That had something to do with absorbing the light from the sky. Its bowl was near a window and, thanks to its irradiated flakes, the fish could now soak up light. When sunset began, the fish absorbed parts of that as well. All those oranges and reds, and pretty much another color which painted the sky, became part of Po’s bioluminescent nature.

-from The Raging Giant Blue Goldfish: 22 Short Stories

Silly tales for the slightly older child. Easy and quick to read aloud with the occasional tongue-twister, my tales are the sort of stories you heard as a child. Like Richard Chase’s Jack Tales, each is more outlandish than the next. With rich rhythms and delicious vocabulary, enjoy well-told stories in your favorite tree fort. Read more about me.

I love reading and writing delicious tales. I hope you do too.

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Anthony Trendl

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A children’s story that can only be enjoyed by children is not a good children’s story in the slightest.

- C. S. Lewis

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