Anthony Trendl

Adventures Galore

I have enjoyed adventures big and small. Each of the things listed below has so many stories attached to them, it would tale forever to write. Expect to hear some of these when I speak.


  • used to teach in a jail and met some of Illinois’ most famous inmates.
  • worked on factory lines, warehouses, and grain elevators.
  • was a camp counselor on a small working farm which included him teaching horseback riding (despite only learning to ride the week before).
  • owns one of the most influential speech writing firms in the United States.
  • started his full-time career in public relations for a nonprofit, and later worked as a graphic designer, webmaster, and private tutor to exceptional students.
  • never learned to properly type and yet can type 50 wpm with one finger.
  • went to the state chess championships as part of his high school team the same year he learned to play.
  • once biked solo halfway across Illinois and Indiana, carrying everything he needed, camping along the way in woods and on farmland.
  • made $8/hr. (a week of gas) for his first paid writing job (trick bird act). 
  • made $75 (two weeks of groceries) for his first published poem in a magazine published by Billy Graham’s organization
  • made $200 ($5 was left after paying rent) for his first paid article about Elaine “Spanky” McFarlane from the 1960s sunshine pop band, Spanky and Our Gang.

Creativity is contagious, pass it on.

Albert Einstein

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