This is new. Brand new. Well, sort of new. OK, not really new. The website (that’s the pic you see in this post) and the tales it supported existed without much love for years. It needed an overhaul, so here we are.

That’s really not why I’m posting. I want to invite you to go on an adventure with me. As I write, I have five tales on Kindle. All are completely kid-friendly. They are all going to get their own overhaul. Editing, designing, all that.

There’s More!

Lots more, in fact. In motion are a couple dozen tales. Works in Progress, they’re called. WIP for short. Many are set in Chicago, my hometown. Others in central Illinois where I spent some of the most significant years of my adult life. One, my newest, is set just five miles from my current home in Georgia, in my first Southern-influenced tale. Most can be read in one sitting — before you finish your coffee.

  • Some are for older kids.
  • Some are just as silly as the ones here.
  • Some are akin to a campfire ghost story.
  • More than a few are seriously creepy, with sci-fi and fantasy overtones.
  • Others have an adult literary bent, with challenging subtexts and themes.
  • Some will have a clear connection to my faith. Others will be more subtle, or merely consistent/not contradictory with my faith.

What Now?

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