Four Warm Stories: Tales to Ease a Weary Day

By Anthony Trendl

Four Warm Stories: Tales to Ease a Weary Day

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Four Warm Stories: Tales to Ease a Weary Day

These are gentle stories. They are tales to ease a weary day: Those long days when things aren’t going as well as they could. Or they are going perfectly well, but you just want to relax.

There’s a little tension—every story needs some, but they are more about the warmth. It’s about discovery of self, the discovery of nature, and seeing God in the midst of it.

Think hot chocolate, sugar cookies, and apple pie. Think bubble baths, fresh logs on the fire, and cups of tea. Think blankets from the dryer, cuddly dogs, and hugs from a child. Think of all the good things, the comforting things, and the kind things.

Fall into the wonder of these stories, and wander through the places where they walk. Feel what they feel, and if you do, then these stories have served their purpose.

  • A community learns about the important things of life.
  • A young man discovers some nuance to what it means to “taste and see that the Lord is good.”
  • A man thinks about hunting with his old dog.
  • A boy’s hope changes a monochromatic forest into art.

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